Speed Mafia used the original basis of sign up and game play in the same thread. There were no stories for Day and Night posts in order to keep the game's tempo.


  • US time zones HIGHLY recommended. Days are real - 12hrs long 10am-10pm EST, and nights are the opposite.
  • People will not be booted for inactivity, however, lynchers will be STRONGLY advised to vote against the people who are not online and cannot defend themselves.
  • There will be 8 or 12 players with a 1:3 ratio of Mafia to others, and no bomb or inspector.
  • There will not be lengthy cool night/day posts like other mafia games. Just a rather straight-forward explanation of what happened. If I am not online to make the post at the appropriate time, proceed with the game as if the post had been made (ie, begin to send out PMs at 10pm). I will make the post as soon as I am able.
  • ONLY Mafia have BTSC
  • All other rules (not roles): See Mafia VI (Gangs of Denbrain). Except BTSC rules

The game will be played with...


(IF 8 people):Edit

  • Mafia Assassin
    • Abilities: Kills whoever tries to save him/her
    • Objective: Mafia Majority
  • Mafia Thief
    • Abilities: steals or frames any night but not two in a row, and no one is informed during the night post
    • Objective: Mafia Majority
  • Grim Reaper (GR)
    • Abilities: Immune on Odd nights; Kills on even nights
    • Objective: Tries to kill the Ninja; Becomes a Mafioso if the Mafia kill the Ninja
  • Ninja
    • Abilities: Cannot be lynched; No defender; Receives the name of a random living innocent on every odd night
    • Objective: Kills on even nights; hunt baddies while not being discovered; Innocent Win
  • Spy
    • Abilities: PM to get role of any person, every day.
    • Objective: Innocent Win
  • Doctor
    • Abilities: Every night, anyone but never the same twice in a row
    • Objective: Innocent Win
  • Janitor
    • Abilities: Chooses one person, a Die will be rolled with a 1/3 chance of having the ability to Spy, Kill, or Save each night. May decline to use the ability.
    • Objective: Innocent Win
  • Sage
    • Abilities: Each morning, gets to know what roles were killed. If killed, the Sage squeals the name of the Ninja or Spy. 50% for either
    • Objective: Innocent Win

If 12 people we will add:Edit

  • Mafia Bodyguard
    • Abilities: Cannot be saved at night, and cannot be lynched on even days
    • Objective: Mafia Majority
  • Police Officer
    • Abilities: Rules following the Wraith in M4F14
    • Objective: Innocent Win
  • Grave Robber
    • Abilities: Only once, may assume the role of any deceased person for the rest of the game. This includes all baddies.
    • Objective: Whatever role is assumed.
  • Mayor
    • Abilities: Confirmed innocent, secret vote counts as 2. Automatically dies if s/he leaks who the vote is for, whether or not it is true
    • Objective: Innocent Win