Dog TiredEdit

Poor akaslickster, had a long day at work and tired he made his way home, after visiting his favorite watering hole. At the door step of his home sat a parcel to great him. Joyfully baffled he bent down and scooped it up and tucked it under his arm while he fumbled for his keys; as he did Magic walked by and cheerfully bid him good night. Slick's arm sprang up and beconed her as he expressed his wish to chill for an hour would you like a coffee?" Magic smiled and walked over. Inside as the lights began to warm up his comfy home, sick put the parcel on the table and offered Magic a chair and proeeded to make the coffee.

You fa'coffeeEdit

Slick walked back in with a full tray of coffe and biscuits and set them on the table. Picking up the parcel he explains to Magic that he expected a small gift from GMaster479 for helping him in BrainDen. Magic looked over the parcel, gently shook it and asked if she could open it. Slick smiled and nodded and magic eagerly pealed the layers. Beneath all that paper laid a green box; written on it in brown banner print was 'Scooby Snacks'. They both laughed for a while and slick noticed that the box was actually a promotional pack made for human consumption. Magic and slick dared each other to take one, they both dipped them in their coffee and chatted while watching a TV show.

Time and DateEdit

Well the evening could have gone better; 15 mins later they were shouting Europe at the porcelain in sliks bathroom. It turns out the scooby Snacks had expired and Magic very nearly too. lick felt very rough but managed to get to the phone and call for an ambulance; Magic was out of commision while having her stomach pumped and slick just sollapsed in bed for the next 20 hours

Disclaimer: the story has no clues, just a way to explain the parcel