Poetic Just-is!Edit

Mystery Inc in vane,
Solved Mysteries now and again!
Not now and again,
But Now, and again, and agian!!

A storm is brewing the day turned dark, and sheet lightning swept acroos the sky... Shaggy Switches off the TV, goes to the cupboard for a Scooby Snack... When he gets there, the cupboard is bare and Scooby and Shaggy had none! Mystery Inc to the rescue. The rest of the gang jump into the Mystery Machine making there way to Scooby and Shaggy as quick as they can. On arrival the starving pair run outside for a quick fix at their favorit resteraunt.. O_o. Make that rester-haunt. Inside 'Delux Burgers a la King Size', lights flicker and flash. All of a sudden the undynamic duo have lost their appertite and are ready to U turn and eat up road. Before they knew it a wonderous glow of blue haze, a pure energy flashed before their eyes and they dissappeared, or had they? .....

As if by magic, the five of them reappeared in total darkness. Fred puts his hand to his chin; "That's weired, I guess the lights went out!". "Uhmm it was day time Fred, I don't think so", exclaimed Daphne. "Now where are my glasses" interjected Velma - it was not the smoothest transition apparently. "I'll check our GPS on my cell" she continued as she fumbled for her glasses. Putting on the heavy brims and also opening her laptop. Velma discovers they are, well, nowhere. As she fiddles with the lap top Scoob notices the black background bginning to alter; it starts to become familiar and as if by magic it is digitally reappearing and they seem to find themselves back where they started, outside the resteraunt.

"Rrrreat! rrets reat!" said Scoob as he ricked ris rips, I mean licked his lips. Shaggies hunger came flooding back too; "Zoinks! Like, I should could manage a burger or ten" as he rubbed his tummy.. Daphney and vowma looked at each other and then Fred. "We need to split up and check this out". They all agreed, Shaggy and Scoob tought it best to start with the resteraunt, and the others went their seperate ways... "There's something fishy going on" said Velma as she noticed the letter g had become stuck in her laptop, was that a clue????