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Deep in Mossflower, the baddies had gathered with Slagar to discuss the best way to get into Redwall Abbey. Badrang asked, “Why should we believe you fox? Slagar answered, “Because I have been inside the Abbey before and have no interest in trying to conquer it. My only request is that I get the honor of killing Matthias. The baddies agreed to the deal deciding that they could get rid of him after he had proved to be no longer useful to their goal of conquering Redwall. Slagar mixed together a powder to force the Abbey dwellers to not be able to distinguish the different species. From there they would take out the creatures of Redwall out the Mafia way. </small>

Meanwhile, inside Redwall Abbey, the Abbeybeasts were celebrating with the friends who had come to visit, with the biggest feast that many of them had ever seen. There was all manner of food at this feast, from onion and carrot pasties to a large grayling, October Ale to Strawberry fizz, Tarts with meadowcream to salads of all sorts, to the moles favorite deeper’n’ever pie, and too many other things to mention.

Matthias was eating next to Cornflower and Orlando, remembering times gone by, enjoying the October Ale and all the different kinds of foods that were present at the feast.

Abbess Germaine was with Friar Hugo in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the largest cake that any of the creatures had ever seen.

Gonff was sneaking around the tables seeing how much food he could nab from his friends plates before they noticed him.

The Ghost of Martin was preparing for the upcoming fight which could bring about the end of Redwall Abbey as they knew it.

As the sun started to set, they heard a loud thumping coming from outside the main gate. They opened the gate and the four villains were standing dressed as old beggars asking for someplace warm to sleep for the night. Slagar threw the powder into the face of all of the creatures standing there. When they had opened their eyes everyone looked exactly the same. So instead of charging in foolishly to attack they all fell back to strategize for the upcoming nights.