The EndEdit

Written by Unreality


The Mafia reveal themselves: Frost , Pieman , Itachi-san and Akaslickster . They have taken over Awesomeville ... the Doctor , dnae , saved pieman the first night and Frost the second night, seemingly (hopefully) unaware that he was saving two Mafiosos in a row. The Martyr , Thuhchris , never got to use his power, and IMLRG, the Grim Reaper , was burned before he had a chance to strike. Before Grey Cells, the Inspector , could act on his knowledge, the Mafia had pwned Awesomeville

"Not next time," the Innocents promised. "Next time, in Mafia II, everything is more balanced. And every Innocent has a special role! Join Mafia II right now!"


  • Stats were 4:4 reulting in a lynch tie and the mafia have the advantage, despite the Doctor's ability. Thus the game was concluded as a Mafia win.