Open Warfare
written by Unreaity


The pond known as Grim Pond was still tonight, the moonlight reflecting off its peaceful waters. The pond was surrounded by tall reeds that shaded it from the rest of Awesomeville.

A few people were out by the pond, dipping their legs in the cool water, taking advantage of the calm night.

A stupid thing to do, with the Grim Reaper lurking about.

Grey Cells, standing alone at the edge of the pond, spun around as the moon glinted off of a curved blade behind him.

"So you're the Grim Reaper?" he sputtered, recognizing the face under the dark hood.

"Yes," the Grim Reaper hissed, and scythed down the unfortunate victim, the bloody body splashing into the pond.

A Few Minutes Later

The dew-tipped reeds around Grim Pond rustled as a dark-clad Mafia assassin slipped through them, clutching a syringe. The assassin waited at the verge of the reeds until a dark form, silhouetted against the moonlight, walked past.


The assassin lunged from his hiding place, stabbing the syringe deep into Scott's neck. By the time he fell, coughing and choking and kicking, into Grim Pond, the assassin had disappeared among the reeds.

Across Town

The Doctor waited by a house- once again, a quiet house. But nearby, he/she heard sounds of someone being beat up, but unfortunately he/she couldn't place the location of the noise, and had no way of helping. Distressed, the Doctor returned to his/her house, wondering who had been offed during the night.