The Blue Octane Written by Unreality

"DANGER" urged a sign taped onto the blue octane tank. "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. NO SMOKING. HIGHLY FLAMMABLE"

Dnae was worried about his octane tank as a particularly close bolt of lightning seared across the sky. What if the lightning hit the octane tank???

He rushed outside, running through the hissing rain and booming thunder. Wind whipped his hair into a cyclone and the trees waved back in forth as if their roots were caught in a blender.

Finally he arrived at the tall blue octane tank, and wondered what to do with it.

The Mafia had already decided.

A sniper's bullet pierced the tank, and Dnae had a yoctosecond (a very small unit of time) to realize what happened before the tank exploded into a massive fireball, blasting outward with force that paralleled the mighty storm that continued to rage on, even after Dnae's yard was turned into a smoking crater, his body nowhere to be found, his house in ruins, flickering with flames that hissed as the rain pounded them relentlessly.

Across town, the Doctor (waiting by a quiet house) turned in confusion. What was that noise?