Pole result:Edit

  1. Brandonb - voting for Kingofpain
  2. Scott
  3. akaslickster - voting for Itachi
  4. pw0nzd - voting for GC
  5. GC - voting for puzzlegirl
  6. pieman
  7. dnae - DEAD [?] Killed by Mafia
  8. Frost - voting for pw0nzd
  9. itachi - voting for puzzlegirl
  10. Kingofpain - voting for puzzlegirl
  11. Nayana - voting for Itachi
  12. puzzlegirl - voting for GC

To The Sharks!!! Written by Unreality


"A witch!" yelled Grey Cells, shouting and waving a pitchfork.

"She's a wiiiiiiitch!" agreed Itachi, brandishing a closed fist. "Send her to the shaaaaaarks!"

"The shaaaaaaaaarks!" hollered Kingofpain. "To the sharks!!!!"

"No, wait, please, I just moved into Awesomeville-" Puzzlegirl started.

"That doesn't mean you're not a Mafioso," Kingofpain said accusingly. "They could've moved you in recently!"

"No, no, you've got it all wr-"

"To the sharks!!!!" shouted GC, yelling and chanting. The crowd pushed the Awesomeville citizen closer and closer to the giant Shark Tank in the brand new Awesomeville Aquarium, which the Sultan Phoenix had installed when he had the town repaired.

The crowd was on the roof of the Aquarium, pushing the victim closer to the top of the open Shark Tank. The hammerhead sharks inside started swimming faster and faster in hungry circles, their long eyes trained on the meaty subject about to be pushed in.

"Wait!" Puzzlegirl yelped, as GC started to push her in with the pitchfork. "I'm the Illusionist !"

Kingofpain laughed. "It's a trick, silly."

"No, no, I can show you my powers," Puzzlegirl explained, summoning within her the ability of illusification. As she started to make a fake body double of herself, Itachi cried "A witch!" and the crowd surged forward, pushing both of the Puzzlegirls into the Shark Tank, just in case.

Within seconds she was gobbled up. Fish food. Even the bloody water was quickly siphoned by the rapacious hammerheads.

"Wow," mumbled Frost, after the excitement was over. "We need to feed those sharks more often."

Somewhere in the crowd of Awesomeville citizens, the Grim Reaper was snickering. With the Illusionist dead, the Grim Reaper would have an easier path to victory.

The Innocents of Awesomeville hurried home, as night was falling on the town, and nobody wanted to be out and about with the Mafia and the Grim Reaper prowling around. Of course, those people pretended to be hurrying home too, but the Mafia were secretly gathering to plan who they would bump off next, and the Grim Reaper was heading down into the dungeon to sharpen his/her scythe. At another house in Awesomeville, the Doctor was gathering his/her medical kit, hoping that he/she would be able to save an unlucky Awesomevillager tonight.