Hogwarts Mafia is a Themed mafia based on the Harry Potter novels by fictional writer J. K. RowlingEdit


Special RulesEdit


Goodies: Win by no killing all the baddies.Edit
  • Ron Weasley: BTSC with Harry. Takes over Harrys role if he dies. Can block one person in night. In day can take one person out of the lynch.
  1. Can block an action
  2. Can save a person
  3. Has a RID kill
Independent: Win by being majority Edit
  • Severus Snape: Can infect one person per night. Each person he infects becomes an Independent while keeping their own abilities. Infected independents can't be healed. If Snape dies the the first infected independent loses their own role and takes snapes role and so on until there's no more indies. Snape can't infect Harry or Ron.

Baddies: Win by being majority and have group kill per night.

  • Lord Voldemort: controls the BTSC and if he dies no more BTSC. Also, he can change one persons target each night.

1. Can find a persons role. 2. Has a RID kill