Night 4: Not Halloween just yet.

G Note: This was posted on Halloween Night when i though the game would end, so this was taken out of real time in a sense

BrandonB was sitting alone on top of the largest hill in town. This happened to be the grave site of many of the fallen kids and others. As he was honoring them, everyone else seemed to be plotting to take him down from a top the hill. The Phantom ran up the hill trying to get a glimpse of who was up on the hill making those weird noises. He couldn't stand anyone being miserable so close to Halloween and with a large leap decided to take down whoever was up there. BrandonB heard the Phantom and was ready. As the Phantom plunged the knife into the body of BB, BB took hold of the Phantom and began to ring his neck. They were both struggling to survive and alas both were dead.

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The Power Ranger realized as he made it to the top of the hill that his job for the night was done, and for what seemed to be no reason simply kicked the bodies down the hill. As the scents traveled, the werewolf found the scent he was looking for and ran down the towards the hill only to find that the victim that was to be bitten had already died.

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Meanwhile the witch was in a haste. She had a party to get to before the night was over and wanted to save someone before her departure. She quickly ran towards CP, and found her to be dead lying on the ground. She quickly gave her some witch's brew and within seconds she awoke.

"I LIVE!!!" she screamed.

But before she could congratulate her savior she vanished. CP was grateful she had survived but knew that she was revealed and that she made a mistake and all her hard work was almost over.

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This will be an interesting vote

1. DarthNoob - Hannah Montana - Dead by popular demand 2. Framm 18 3. Marth/DudleyDude - Phantomized 4. Clozo 5. musicluvr95 - double killed by Werewolf/Baddies 6. tellis150 - followed the trail of candy and sawed in half by the Baddies 7. LIS - suffocated thanks to the Baddies 8. Crazypainter 9. Unreality 10. Brandonb - stabbed by the Phantom. 11. Sayalzah - Batman- electrocuted by Frankie.