Night 1: Emptying the bag

Batman was searching his house tonight scrambling to find his bag of candy. He used the same halloween baggie every year. After digging through loads of holiday decorations he found a half full bag of candy. What a waste. He forced himself to empty out the remnants of last year's stomachache, but as he did it a thought hit him as to how he was to perform his duty tonight.

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The werewolf snuck out of the house late at night and roamed around the neighborhood finally deciding on his target. It may have seemed like a flea bite to them but little did they know what was to happen tomorrow night.

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LIS was calmly walking around the neighborhood planning out her route for the night soon to come. She was ready to get the most candy this year. Just as she turned the corner, she tripped over what felt like a wire. As she tried to get up she heard footsteps coming towards her. Suddenly a halloween bag was put over her head with the bottom tied around the neck. As LIS grasped for air Batman recoiled the Batwhip into his utility belt and tied LIS around the light-post. He then took out his flashlight and turned on his "bat signal." All the surrounding kids were confused but happily excited and ran out to where the signal was only to find LIS suffocated and her killer gone, having disappeared into the night

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Day 1 ends at 10 PM EST, 8 PM MST, 7 PM PST

1. DarthNoob - blocked Derrai/musicluvr 2. Framm 18 - Power Ranger - spied LIS 3. Marth/DudleyDude - Jack O Lantern - nothing 4. Clozo - Werewolf bit Bb

5. Derrai - Vampire - nothing 6. tellis150 - Pirate 7. LIS - suffocated thanks to the Baddies 8. Crazypainter - Phantom, message to Bb 9. Unreality - Witch - healed self 10. Brandonb - Headless Zombie 11. Sayalzah - Batman - nothing