Host: GMaster479

This game was really fun to write for. I loved my Night 2 and 3 posts. I had a nice little Family Guy reference when I used the "Oo a piece of candy" trick that eventually led tellis150 to his doom. James Woods fell for this trick twice in the series. I hope that when everyone reads it they get a little bit of suspense and see what I am writing. Overall it was really fun to do and it was fun guiding Slick along what I believe was his first hosting experience. I was truly hoping that it would end on Halloween but that didn't work out as planned

When I posted the roles on the convo between Slick and I it became obvious this was going to be interesting. We had 3 people in their first mafia or first time being Baddies. I figured DarthNoob was going to lead the group but it really was a collaborative effort. When DN made that fatal mistake and I saw how sayalzah tried to defend him I thought they were done for. Framm played it smart by voting for him without question. But the next night when sayalzah was in trouble he seemed torn to me. Luckily he held it together and with bits and pieces of help from Slick and I he was coaxed into continuing and trying to win it out. In fact, he almost did. I figured unreality admitted to being the Phantom to try and figure out who the Phantom was and it almost backfired. CP had already submitted her action to kill BB and if unreality was actually lynched and Framm avoided BrandonB and went for clozo, it seriously would've ended Night 4 like I planned with the most unlikely of baddie wins. However, clozo believed unreality correctly and tied the vote. I believe it was unreality's pull in the game that got him and the goodies out of that possible hole.

Lastly I would like to thank BB and unreality for coming back to play a game. I feel honored to have had them in my game and hope they will come back and play other ones. I know they are busy playing on the other Mafia site (Mafiosphere?) but I am happy they were willing to come back.