DAY 3 : SO CONFUSED Day 3 post

This was a quiet day in town, everyone had their bellies full of candy, and were sleeping like good little angels. Voting doesn't kill baddies or goodies, when it's a tie. Someone supposedly gave themself away to Unreality. Which could it be? Or was it both?

There will be a murder or 2 tonight. Inquiring minds would love to know. Hoo, hoo, hoo, ha, ha, ha,ha,ha.

1. DarthNoob - Hannah Montana - Dead by popular demand 2. Framm 18 - voting for unreality 3. Marth/DudleyDude - Phantomized 4. Clozo 5. musicluvr95 - double killed by Werewolf/Baddies 6. tellis150 - followed the trail of candy and sawed in half by the Baddies 7. LIS - suffocated thanks to the Baddies 8. Crazypainter voting for clozobozo 9. Unreality - voting for clozobozo 10. Brandonb - voting for unreality 11. Sayalzah - Batman- electrocuted by Frankie.