The Mafia (party game) became extremely popular at after being introduced by Unreality. They became so well-written by many hosts, and quite sophisticated with various themes that it was decided to recorded in a fashion that preserves there uniqueness and to alows anyone to view the information. All Mafia games from will be documented here in detail.


  • Documentation and Archiving: Peservation of stories, definiton of roles, final outcome and motives by players, from begining to end, will be recorded on this wiki from a NPV (Neutral Point of View)

  • Workspace: Game hosts and players can write their own content, buid their games and roles, modifying it into a finished product and wiki article (page)

  • Inspiration: The creative content is a wealth of resource, be inspired from past stories, roles, and even tactics.

  • Think Tank: A blog section is available to run with an idea or just throw in a what if...? to see where it goes.

  • Community: Encourage interaction betweem users, editors and readers who may wish to relive games in the wiki's forum.

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